Keeping a positive mindset in difficult times.

The whole world as we know it has changed. Businesses have closed, we cannot see our friends or family in person. A lot of us don't know if we will be paid next week or have a job to go back to. Not only this but we’re living in constant fear that someone you know or love will be infected by this horrible virus.

Having suffered with anxiety throughout my life, I always try to find a positive in a negative situation. If you are struggling, it is important to acknowledge your feelings, seek professional help and talk to your loved ones about how you are feeling.

I believe there is always a sliver lining. Even though we have a small business that is no longer running. Emma and I are able to spend precious time with our new babies without having to rush back to the salon floor. I am focusing my time on our online sales, something I have not put much time or energy into until now. We are learning to communicate with staff and reps via video chat (a great option as a mum that we want to be able to continue). The biggest positive that I believe everyone will gain is not taking anything for granted. Not being able to easily get essentials such as toilet paper and nappies, not being able to take my daughter to the park or to see her grandparents or friends. I will come out of this appreciating every cent I earn, every item I am able to buy, every playdate I can arrange, every family gathering and every catch up with friends.

Let's all try and find the silver lining, stay connected, stay at home and we cannot wait to see you all on the other side.

Much Love

Hannah x