Shu Uemura x Pokemon Muroto Volume Bento

Shu Uemura x Pokemon Muroto Volume Bento

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Muroto Volume Shampoo and Masque for fine hair that infuses long-lasting volume and lightweight hydration. Fortifies the fine hair fiber and protects against damage while providing a rich source of essential minerals and nutrients to hydrate and infuse long lasting volume. 

Bento Pack includes a complimentary 100ml Overnight Serum. 

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Overnight Serum helps you take advantage of the full eight hours of rest, when your body repairs itself the most. 

In the evenings, geisha - who are well known for their beautiful skin and hair - would soak their combs in natural camellia oil, to help infuse their hair with ultimate smoothness, increasing shine and aiding its defenses. Your hair is left feeling softer and free from frizz, the perfect texture to promote effortless styling